The Etherma verification system

Electric Starter Kit is a wired verification system for testing and ensuring optimal functionality of the electrical components of an Etherma entry door.

Very easy to apply to the network, this kit offers, in a first step, a comprehensive and reliable approach to testing the correct
operation of LED lights, motorized locks and recognition of the
fingerprints; in the second step, the kit is instrumental in mounting and connecting the door to the power supply, either using the box or separating the
transformer inside it.

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A tool that enables dealers and installers To be even more reliable to their customers

Testing of LED Lights

Electric Starter Kit allows you to check The efficiency and functionality of the lights at LEDs built into the front door. You can easily control the brightness, the color and integrity of the lights for Ensure optimal visibility during night.

Testing the Motorized Lock

This system provides a control Complete on the motorized lock. You can Verify the opening and closing of the lock precisely, ensuring that functions smoothly. In addition, Electric Starter Kit detects any anomalies in the Opening/closing mechanism.

Recognition Of Fingerprints

To improve security, Electric Starter Kit includes a test function for fingerprint recognition digital. This test verifies the accuracy And the speed of the identification system based on fingerprints, Ensuring safe and quick access.

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